ECCO Kids - A bouncy collaboration


When you are performing triple somersaults, twisting through the air and performing other high-intensity acrobatics, such as vaulting over pian- os, you are going to need a sneaker that offers you shock absorption and energy return.

As part of the new collaboration between ECCO Kids and Flying Superkids, a Danish group of child gymnasts, we have given each of the performers just that with the innovative, lightweight comfort of the ECCO SOFT 7 TEEN. The parallels between ECCO Kids and the Flying Superkids are clear — each is a family-run Danish business, founded in the 1960s, that has made a global impact through its energetic, committed and innovative approach.

Such is their dedication that the children practice three times a week for more than 50 shows annually, with performances that include dancing and singing, as well as acrobatics and gymnastics. Our shoes are lightweight and flexible, with easy-to-use adjustable fit, crafted from ECCO Leathers that were made in our tanneries — features that make them perfectly suited for the Flying Superkids. Such active children adore the comfort, fit and soft feel of the ECCO SOFT 7 TEEN.

In the future, ECCO Kids and Flying Superkids will be working together even more closely, with interactive play areas at their shows and in select ECCO stores. We will also be using our digital channels to promote the collaboration, giving children and their parents a glimpse into the astonishing world of the Flying Superkids.