ECCO makes shoes for Lions

The athletes who make up Saitama ©SEIBU Lions, one of Japan's twelve national baseball teams and league champions of 2018, are also confirmed fans of ECCO.

Baseball is big in Japan. So big, in fact, that it's the unofficial national sport. Sumo wrestlers are very envious of this success, we can tell you.

Japanese national teams play over 140 games each year, playing stadiums in a country the size of the state of California. Which means lots of time on the road.

On top of this, it's expected that each team turns up to shake hands and kiss babies wearing what's referred to as 'business attire'. In other words, smart, suited and elegant. Actually, looking scrubbed up and stylish in front of a camera is pretty much a contractual obligation.


"Greeted by fans and camera lenses wherever they travel, it's important for the Lions to look stylish at all times. This year, the team will step off the tour bus wearing ECCO ST. 1 HYBRID and VITRUS shoes."

Fortunately, ECCO JAPAN (official team sponsors of the team's business shoes) is taking care of all things below the ankle.

The beginning of the exciting partnership began at the training camp on January 30th. Here, a total of some 300 people, including the team and their coaches, managers, trainers and support staff all wore ECCO. Mainly the ST.1 HYBRID and VITRUS.

News and information about ECCO will now be shared with the 150,000 registered fans of this incredible team.