ECCO Stories — Fashion Show Stylist


ECCO's 'every occasion' style recently lit up the catwalk show in China.

At ECCO, our designers talk a lot about wearing occasions or 'moments'. Their modernist design vision amplified by the premium leathers created in our tanneries and the energized comfort of our FLUIDFORM™ process allows them to reset conventional expectations of almost every shoe in the contemporary shoe wardrobe. So folks who appreciate the unique feel of ECCO can enjoy it right across their day-to-day lives. Wearing moments from the more mundane to the most momentous can all be experienced in one of the styles from the ECCO collection.

Hold that thought. Then make a catwalk show of it. That is exactly what the Taiwanese stylist Gigi Zhang did at the Kick Off Fashion Show in Shanghai in January this year. A show conceived to showcase the 'everyday occasion' versatility of the new Fall collection.


In collaboration with ECCO China, Gigi created 50 different looks for everyday life in the city.

Down the runway came models dressed up and dressed down. Men and women looking stylish, chic, ready for work and ready for play. They were suited and booted. They were skirted and sneakered. And every single one of them wore ECCO.

Rather than make a heavy-handed fashion statement, the footwear collection complemented the outfits. And vice versa.

"I presented a vast array of daily looks and styles," comments Gigi. "It seems to me that ECCO is a shoe collection that can be worn every day, for different reasons, purposes and moments. As I discovered, whether you need a shoe that is casual, formal or functional, ECCO makes it. As a Nordic brand, ECCO is typically low-key. The design details are subtle. When you combine this with their premium leathers and their famous comfort, you have the perfect collection for every day."