How To Pair Shoes With Pants

Pants can play an important role in your chosen outfit and the feeling you want to express. Is the day calling for a casual, sporty, or classy outfit? Whether it is dress pants, chinos, jeans, shorts, or leggings, there are shoes for every occasion and every look. 

Shoes play a big part in changing an outfit from casual to smart casual or from casual to semi-formal. Do you need a couple of styling tips on how to pair the perfect shoes with the right pants? Read our guide for both men and women on how to choose the ideal combination of shoes and pants, so you can achieve your desired look.

How to style shoes with the old faithful jeans

Jeans have been around for ages. Going from being practical with high durability to being fashionable. There are many different styles of the reliable pair of jeans. Skinny, slim, baggy, or ripped? You name it. We bring you some suggestions of shoe types to pair with your jeans.


Chances are you are going to stick with your favorite pair of sneakers for the everyday outfit and we don’t blame you. Everyday leisure is in, and sneakers are not going anywhere, because of the superb combination of comfort and creative freedom.

They are the perfect option if you want to pick a casual outfit with your jeans. Go for the clean and minimalist style with black or white or try lively color combinations for a sportier look.

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Are the seasons getting colder or do you just prefer bulkier shoes? Time to bring out the boots. Hiking boots are both practical and contribute to an urban look together with your jeans.

If you want to keep it classy, you can pick a pair of Chelsea boots and mix them with slim jeans in a darker color. Maybe even go for a completely black combination. For a different rock n’ roll feeling you can also pair Chelsea boots with more baggy and light blue jeans.

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Business shoes

Just because you want to wear jeans does not mean that you will have to leave your finer shoes at home. There are ways to make your jeans look cool with Oxford, Brogue, Derby, boats, or loafers. Combining jeans with business shoes and shirts can bring a balanced look that can be perfect for smart casual or semi-formal outfits.

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Heels can work great with jeans. Here you can opt for a nice-looking pair of skinny jeans or the baggier boyfriend jeans. Mixing jeans with light heels, platform heels, or wedges with a blazer will bring a nice balance to your outfit. Another nice choice for a smart casual or semi-formal look.

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Do you want to feel smart with smart pants?

If the occasion calls for smart pants or even a suit, there are multiple options for picking the superb shoes. Take a look below for some of the options you have when pairing shoes with smart pants.

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