Charity Policy


ECCO USA has a long tradition of engaging in local communities, promoting health and education, participating in sponsorships and donating to charities. Our support has focused on strengthening ties with the local community and improving the lives of the people who live there.

Engaging in social responsibility is a natural part of how we do business, a fundamental part of our heritage and a clear reflection of our corporate values.


The purpose of the Charitable Contributions Policy is to ensure that all donations, sponsorships, company volunteer activities and in-kind services are coordinated and aligned with our corporate values and business goals and are within our budget and resource scope.


All incoming and outgoing requests for charitable contributions/sponsorships and in-kind services or support will be coordinated and administered by our Charitable Efforts Committee.

The Committee meets on a quarterly basis and reviews applications in January, April, July and October. Organizations should keep this timeline in mind when submitting their requests.


The goal of ECCO USA is to focus support on the following areas:

  1. Healthy & Active Lifestyle
    Support projects that inspire and encourage people to be healthy and active, and to explore their potential. Projects combining active lifestyle with activities in nature are of high relevance.
  2. Innovative Learning
    Support innovative projects that trigger learning and curiosity and that foster growth, play and improvements.
  3. Local Development & Social Cohesion
    Support projects that contribute to a positive development in the local communities in which we are present. Long-term goals and social cohesion are keywords for our engagement in the local communities.
  • In evaluating requests, priority will be given to organizations that are aligned with the areas listed above.
  • Only organizations with 501(c)(3) status are eligible for funding.
  • Employee requests must follow the same criteria for eligibility.


  • All requests must be submitted using the ECCO Donation Request form. You can obtain this form by sending an email or letter to the following addresses:
  • Request forms must be fully completed in order to be considered for a donation. A copy of the IRS tax letter and 501(c)(3) status must also be submitted.
  • It is encouraged to include additional information about the organization and/or event (event flyer, brochure, etc.).
  • Requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of an event to allow time for review.