Golf shoes

Engineered for both style, performance, and comfort, ECCO golf shoes for men and women are meticulously designed to help you stay at the top of your game from the first to the 18th hole. With a full line of cleated and hybrid golf shoes, you can find your ideal pair for any day on the course.

On the journey to becoming the very best on the golf course, no detail is left uncovered. Whether you are a true golf enthusiast or just looking to improve your golfing experience for fun, the right pair of golf shoes can help you take the important first step towards playing the perfect round. Perhaps you are looking to hit the prestigious hole-in-one? Golfing greatness is at your feet.

With our golf shoes for women and men, you can discover designs that are engineered to support your feet and give you rich freedom of movement for every unique motion during your golf swing. Our golf shoes support and stabilize you when finding the right stance to swinging your golf club. Every detail in our golf shoes is designed to support your comfort and performance during the entire game.

Comfortable golf shoes for men and women

Our collection of women’s and men’s golf shoes has a pair for you no matter what type of player you are and how the conditions are on the course. Wet or dry, you can keep your feet solidly planted on the ground with ECCO golf shoes. Pick between various styles and types, including hybrid golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes, cleated golf shoes, lightweight golf shoes, and waterproof golf shoes.

We have a large selection of comfortable golf shoes for both men and women in classic and modern designs with multiple colors. From the all-time favorite of clean white golf shoes to elegant black styles as well as other exciting and colorful designs, you can find a pair that suits your style on the course.

Our hybrid golf shoes are ideal for the modern type of golf player that demands on-course performance, off-course style, and great comfort. Drawing on our signature technologies and street-ready aesthetics, the hybrid golf shoe has become a popular choice among many golfers. They are especially great for playing in drier and hotter conditions while delivering great comfort for all 18th holes.

Cleated golf shoes are the classic style of golf shoes that are designed to deliver great grip and stability on the grass; especially when the grass is very wet. To hit the ball perfectly with your golf club, you need to maintain traction on the ground to achieve a stable and safe position. That is the right time to put on your cleated golf shoes to maintain a solid grip on the wet and slippery golf course.

The spikes on our cleated golf shoes are designed to offer great stability on the surface while giving you freedom of movement during your swing. Each spike has its own set of anti-clogging legs to keep you stable without getting stuck in the ground during your twisting motions.

Discover our golf shoe collections

We have multiple unique golf shoe collections designed for various types of golf players. Our designs include award-winning products, highlighted for their great quality and comfort. From lightweight designs to shoes that can stand the test of the elements, we offer a diverse selection of golf shoes.

BIOM H4 - Our newest addition to the family of golf shoes with 100% waterproof Gore-Tex and our own ECCO technologies for lightweight comfort and rotational support. A hybrid golf shoe with a state-of-the-art design ideal for you to wear both during the game and after. 

S-Three - A comfortable and sporty golf shoe with implemented Gore-Tex technology for waterproof and highly breathable wear. The collection delivers premium comfort from the tee box to the clubhouse and beyond.

BIOM G3 - Our cleated golf shoe collection provides outstanding stability for serious players who prefer spiked shoes. Based on 2,500 scans of human feet, BIOM® gives you the ultimate fit, greater stability, and forward momentum for more power during every swing. 

Do you hate getting your feet wet when out on the course? You can pick between select golf shoes made with 100% waterproof Gore-Tex technology or our own HYDROMAX® technology that delivers a water-repellent finish to keep your feet comfortably dry in the wet grass.

Explore our popular styles

Are you unsure which pair to pick? Take a look at our best-selling golf shoes made for every type of golfer, providing only the very best when it comes to style, quality, and comfort, regardless of your skill level.

Do you want to know what shoes professional golfers choose? Our golf shoes are worn by professional golf players who know all about what they need from their equipment to maximize their performance. You can meet our golfers here and see their favorite ECCO golf shoes.

Our size guides provide you with an overview of all our shoe sizes in US measures. You can also learn how to measure your feet easily by yourself at home. See our size guide for men and our size guide for women. Get ready for a day out on the golf course with a brand new pair of golf shoes from ECCO. To us, golf is more than a game.

If you are serious about golf, a pair of golf shoes is a good starting point to help improve your game offering stability and consistency. Our golf shoes are designed to keep your feet solidly placed on the golf course supporting the movements of your body during your swing. Cleated golf shoes let you keep solid traction on wet grass, while our hybrid golf shoes support versatile performance and comfortable wear for most other days.

Many pro golfers have started wearing hybrid shoes, such as Henrik Stenson from Sweden, AKA “The Iceman”. The revolution of hybrid shoes began back in 2010 at the Masters Tournament with Fred Couples wearing ECCO GOLF STREET hybrid golf shoes. Hybrid golf shoes deliver great comfort for all 18 holes and offer a modern and street-ready look that you can wear both on and off the golf course - even at the clubhouse. Meet our ECCO golf ambassadors here and discover exactly what hybrid golf shoes the pros prefer to wear.