Women Dress Shoes

Women’s dress shoes

For work or free-time, style or comfort, whatever you are looking for in a pair of women’s dress shoes, our selection includes different styles built on our passion for delivering simple, minimalist designs with a contemporary twist. Combined with decades of dedication to providing high-end craftsmanship and rich comfort for your feet, a pair of ECCO women’s dress shoes can be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Explore our collection of women’s dress shoes

A great pair of dress shoes can be an essential piece in your wardrobe. Our dress shoes provide a great balance between achieving an elegant look for special occasions and giving a sophisticated touch to your everyday style. Whether you go for a pair of stilettos, pumps, flat ballerinas, or high-cut boots, you can find dress shoes for women suited for any moment. Discover our selection of formal dress shoes, casual dress shoes, dress shoes for work, and dress shoes for a night out.

Complete your look with our timeless styles designed for every woman that loves fashion, comfort, and shoes that stay in style for several seasons. Discover our wide selection of flats, wedges, pumps, stilettos, boots, and more in both playful and classic colors.

Dress shoes for every moment

You can find dress shoes for every season of the year. With a pair of hip dress sandals, you can stay elegant for the beach, summer gatherings, or a hot summer day at the office. When the seasons change, you can switch out the light pair of dress shoes for warmer yet elegant dress boots. Choose between ankle boots or go all the way with high-cut boots.

Find your workplace dress shoes

Many of our dress shoes for women are a great choice for workplace wear. Turn up at the office in elegant fashion with a pair of wedges that add more height to your feet while keeping a solid foundation. Our wedges deliver balance from the clean lines and bulky heels. You can also pick ankle boots during fall or winter and fashionable sandals during the summer to maintain your office style, regardless of the season. 

A pair of flats will also work wonders on any occasion and with multiple outfits, both for dressing up with formal business attire or for staying casual with a pair of jeans. Our flats and ballerinas offer light and feminine silhouettes for a classic style suited for the office.

Dress shoes for everyday elegance

There are many options for wearing your dress shoes as regular everyday shoes. You have many opportunities with playful designs and lively colors. Light up your casual outfit with a pair of heels, or complete a simple look with a pair of rich leather shoes for a stylish finish. Boots, shoes, or sandals, there are many ways to pair a dress shoe with a sundress, a pair of jeans, or a warm winter coat.

Formal dress shoes for women

For formal events, it is a great time to put on your most dashing pair of dress shoes. Whether you go for a pair of elegant stilettos, classic pumps, or ballerinas, your options are plenty. You can combine your heels with a simple and elegant dress to let your shoes grab all the attention, or you can go for an all-black color combination and let your accessories do the talking. You can also combine classic dress shoes with a lively dress or a statement-making power suit with your favorite color or print.

How to clean and care for your dress shoes

Maintaining an elegant finish on your shoes requires a good cleaning from time to time, especially important for high-quality dress shoes. Doing a routine of clean, care, and protect can help keep the leather well-nourished, soft, flexible, shiny, and ready for wet weather.

Keep your women's dress shoes ready for any special moment with our shoe care guides. We give you tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean finish on your shoes with our essential shoe care products.

Shop women’s leather dress shoes

The functionality and quality of your dress shoes depend on the choice of material. Enjoy a wide selection of women's dress shoes made with rich leather materials in the hands of our crafted shoemakers to provide you with a pair of premium dress shoes. Find different types of leathers to suit your preferred style with full-grain leather for classic elegance or rich suede for added texture and stylish character.

Find your ideal shoe size

If you know what you are looking for, you can simply apply our filters for size, color, and price range. Are you uncertain about which size fits you? Our women’s shoe size chart can help you find the right shoe size. Learn how to easily measure your feet at home and compare the results to our size chart.