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Women's golf shoes

Discover our selection of women’s golf shoes matching high demands of comfort, performance, and fit. Choose between a variety of cleated and hybrid golf shoes for women, designed to improve your game on the golf course while feeling and looking great for the entire round. Take your game of golf to the next level with women’s golf shoes made with modern comfort engineering and craftsmanship.

ECCO golf shoes for women are made for every ambitious golfer that needs high-quality shoes lasting many days on the golf course. By offering a carefully crafted fit to support your feet and posture during your golf swing, ECCO golf shoes provide a solid base for consistent performance and skillful play.

Comfortable shoes for all golfers

Our women’s golf shoes are made for both pros, intermediates, and beginners who all seek to stay at the top of their game and achieve new personal records. Choose between various popular and modern styles, which offer refined comfort and highly detailed designs to help you in your pursuit of perfecting your performance on the course, from the first tee to the 18th green.

Create your on-course style

Our women’s golf shoes are designed to compliment your game and your style. White is an all-time favorite color for the golf outfit. Many of our golf shoes for women come in timeless and versatile white, but you can also discover multiple other colors to match your individual preferences. Pick between black, brown, beige, gray, and other delightful colors to create the perfect golf look that fits your style.

A world of women’s golf shoes

Playing golf is about feeling great from the 1st to the 18th hole on the golf course. We offer a diverse selection of stylish women’s golf shoes made from premium materials suited for different preferences and conditions. You can choose between multiple types of golf shoes for women, such as cleated golf shoes, hybrid golf shoes, and waterproof golf shoes.

Which type of women’s golf shoes do you go for? It depends on your personal preferences and the type of weather or climate you find yourself in. Our different variations of women’s golf shoes provide their own special features to suit you and how your playing style.

Hybrid golf shoes for modern and versatile wear

If you often find yourself playing in dry and warm conditions, then you might want to consider our hybrid golf shoes for women. They provide great comfort and make sure that you don’t get stuck in the dry grass. As spikeless golf shoes, you can wear them as regular sneakers before and after your round of golf and go straight inside the clubhouse without having to change your shoes.

Cleated golf shoes for firm performance

When conditions are wet, it is very handy to have a pair of golf shoes that can keep you steady without the risk of slipping during your swing. For rainy occasions, our cleated golf shoes maintain optimal traction and stability on more mushy courses. ECCO cleated golf shoes build on decades of studying golf, fine-tuning designs, and incorporating technological innovations to make innovative golf footwear.

Take full advantage of the benefits from ECCO golf shoes

Every movement during the golf swing consists of multiple unique positions and rotations. Your golf shoes should be able to adapt to the complex movements. Our ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Injection Technology makes highly flexible shoes possible by injecting fluid materials directly into the soles to closely adapt to each motion. The technology allows for highly advanced molds and provides new heights for comfort, cushioning, flexibility, and lightweight wear.  

Supporting natural wear - We want to make every motion and every touchpoint with the ground feel natural, like you are walking on bare feet. That is why we have created the BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology to give you a comfortable and anatomical feeling from our BIOM golf shoes for women

A firm connection with the ground - Maintaining a great grip and traction can give you a big advantage in the quality of your golf swings. To help you keep your feet solidly planted for perfecting every hit, we have designed the E-DTS® traction system. With 100 TPU traction bars boasting 800 traction angles, you can achieve extraordinary traction and stability.

Adjustable shoes for a custom fit - We have different footwear options for both narrow and wide feet. Some of our golf shoes for women come with the innovative Boa® Fit System letting you achieve an agile and adjustable fit and allowing you to easily tighten the shoes with a simple twist.

Water-resistant golf shoes - No type of weather conditions on the golf course should hinder you. With ECCO golf shoes for women, you can take advantage of our HYDROMAX® water-repellant technology and the well-known water-resistant Gore-Tex® technology to keep your feet comfortably dry for all 18 holes.

Join our family of golfers today

No matter what pair you pick, you can expect a golf shoe unlike any other. Our golf shoes are worn by female professionals as well as casual golfers around the globe. Take the next step towards becoming a local legend on the golf course with a new pair of comfortable women’s golf shoes from ECCO. To us, golf is more than a game.

Find your ideal size

What is your ideal size? Our size guide for women gives you an overview of the different sizes in both inches and centimeters to help you find the perfect size for you. It includes a quick guide on how to measure the size of your feet in 4 simple steps.

All ECCO golf shoes are designed with comfort top of mind, building a solid foundation to help perfecting your performance on the golf course. Each pair of our golf shoes is the final result of a thorough design and shoemaking process to offer optimal comfort and balance in every facet of the game, right from the 1st to the 18th hole.

If you are looking for a new pair of golf shoes that supports your performance and the golf course, you should consider the following features: 1) Support is all-important if you want to stay at the top of your game for a full round. Ensure that the golf shoes provide the right amount of cushioning, flexibility, and balance for your needs. 2) It is important to pick the right size. See our size guide for more information. 3) It is worth considering whether you need a pair of cleated or hybrid shoes, depending on your need for grip, playing and weather conditions, and your individual preferences.

Both our cleated and hybrid golf shoes have their own unique benefits. On hilly courses and on wet grass, a pair of ECCO cleated golf shoes such as our BIOM G3 collection provides added traction via the special ZARMA-TOUR® spikes, which help you maintain your balance. Still, our hybrid golf shoes, such as the S-Three and BIOM H4 collections, provide reliable stability, comfort, and traction in most conditions with some professional golfers choosing them over spiked golf shoes. The best type of golf shoe depends on the conditions of the day and, most importantly, your personal preferences.