Men Moccasins

Moccasins for men

Ideal for both driving and smart casual wear - a pair of moccasins for men delivers a relaxed and easy-wearing style that is timeless yet contemporary. Whether you go for a stylish summer look or business casual, a pair of our men’s moccasins delivers a slick slip-on design and high comfort. Discover our simple, minimalist styles full of subtle details. 

Discover our stylish and comfortable range of moccasins for men

From classic and formal to laid-back and street-ready, a pair of men’s moccasins gives you many possible ideas for your outfit of choice for many different moments. From timeless elegance to casual shoes with a modern edge, our range of moccasins for men includes versatile designs and wear options such as fashionable moccasins, leather and suede moccasins, men’s driving moccasins, and men’s moccasin loafers.

Are you looking for a particular design? Our range of men’s moccasins includes various designs to match your needs and preferences. Do you need a comfortable and flexible driving shoe, or are you more into classic elegance with moccasins in smooth, full-grain leather? Whether you prefer a slim and light silhouette or a more robust look, our selection of moccasins for men includes various styles to suit your preferences. 

From highly flexible to more firm with either incorporated or separate outsoles, our moccasins for men provide you with high versatility. You can discover multiple color options - including all-time favorites such as black and brown. No matter how you want to dress, our moccasins for men deliver timeless style and reliable comfort for any occasion.

A few ideas on how to style with moccasins

Do you need inspiration for how you can create a great outfit with our moccasins for men? Moccasins’ style options range from casual beachwear to more formal business looks with a laid-back edge. The slipper and driver-inspired designs are typically more well-suited as casual shoes, while the weejuns and penny loafers work better for finer occasions when you bring out the suits and shirts.

Our men’s moccasins can dress down your business-inspired outfits or dress up a pair of jeans or chinos. Jeans and t-shirt combinations are great if you want to keep it casual, while a chino and shirt can give a classy edge to your everyday outfit.

Moccasin loafers can also work wonderfully with your blazers. You can easily try out more unconventional blazer styles and colors, but a good tip is to maintain a balance in the color palette. There is a lot of opportunities for you to explore.

Match the moccasins with the season

There are ways to dress according to the season - whether it is summer or winter. For the spring season, you can opt for lighter leather colors to match the arrival of brighter and warmer days. Driver mocs or boat shoes are great options. With the arrival of summer, you can expand your color horizon to include more colorful choices in suede or nubuck leather. When the leaves start to drop from the trees again during fall, it is the perfect time to wear darker brown or black leather moccasins. The more robust and durable loafers and penny loafers are ideal options.

Men’s moccasins - a refined classic shoe

Moccasins have a long history of being the primary footwear for many people. Back in the day, leather was the preferred material for creating the shoe because of its protection and flexibility. We build upon the traditional craft of classic craftsmanship, moving the classic footwear into the modern age to lend a contemporary edge to simple and timeless footwear. 

Our leather designs start at the hand of a leather craftsman. We have spent many decades refining our leather designs to create our trademark leather materials that play an important part in delivering a definitive quality. Our men’s moccasins made from leather and suede are no different. Functionality and performance are key ideals in our leathers to support your need for all-day wearability and style, no matter if you wear moccasins in smooth, full-grain leather or suede.

Keep the dirt and signs of wear in check

While we design our moccasins to offer durable, high-quality footwear, every shoe in the world can benefit from a bit of cleaning and caring. To help keep your leather or suede men’s moccasins fine-looking throughout your many uses, you may want to provide the shoes with cleaning, caring, and protection from time to time. Our shoe care guides offer smart tips and tricks for how to clean your leather moccasins and how to clean your suede moccasins.

Find your new favorite men’s moccasins online

Slip in a nice new pair of men’s moccasins by ECCO today. Find your favorite style, color, and size among our selection of formal and casual moccasins for men. Give your feet the style and comfort they deserve with a pair of ECCO moccasins for men. Shop safely today here at our official online store.

Find your ideal size

Are you uncertain about your shoe size? The right fit is important for long-term comfortability. Our men’s shoe size guide provides you with an overview of all our different men’s sizes. You can also learn how to find your ideal measurements at home. Are you still unsure about the size? Our return options offer simple ways to return your new shoes in-store or by mail if the fit just isn’t quite right for you.