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Men’s golf shoes

Discover our collection of men’s golf shoes, designed to help you in your hunt for golf glory by supporting your game and enhancing your comfort during the entire round. You can experience a wide selection of comfortable men’s golf footwear for various playing styles and conditions, including cleated and hybrid golf shoes. Learn more about our unique golf shoes for men right here.

Men’s golf shoes for every golfer

When out on the golf course, you can not always count on which conditions you will find yourself in. Various weather conditions require the right tools to get the job done. Your golfing position starts at your feet and our ECCO men's golf shoes help keep your feet solidly planted in the ground. Our selection of golf shoes for men includes: cleated golf shoes, hybrid golf shoes, and waterproof golf shoes.

Cleated golf shoes for men - Our cleated golf shoes have spikes on the outside soles, which are divided into small clusters. They are the ideal choice for wet and mushy ground. where you will need to achieve added grip for completing a controlled and precise golf swing. Many of our golf shoes have integrated GORE-TEX® technology for waterproof protection and breathable wear. Perfect for a round of golf in wet conditions or when you need the benefit from extra stability. 

Hybrid golf shoes for men - Our hybrid golf shoes for men provide a great all-around golf shoe for multiple surface conditions and for playing on hotter and drier days. The truly modern golf shoe suits the complex demands for style, comfort, and performance. ECCO hybrid golf shoes are also normally welcome inside the clubhouse where cleated golf shoes are not. 

Men’s golf shoes - for performance and comfort

ECCO golf shoes for men are for anyone who needs the best comfort and shoe construction to support flexibility and overall performance. Designed to closely follow every complex motion and rotation leading up to the next big swing and provide the right calmness for the final put. You can enjoy unique men’s golf shoes for both pros, intermediates, and beginners alike. Men’s golf shoes by ECCO deliver optimal comfort, flexibility, and stability to help you perfect your game.

Get on and off-course style

We have given extra attention to the style, bringing a truly modern take on golf footwear for highly versatile wearing. ECCO hybrid golf shoes for men are welcome inside the clubhouse and can be worn outside the golf course as well. You can pick between colors such as white, gray, black, and brown or go all out with our modern styles with more details and color combinations. We have plenty of exciting options for you to choose between both on and off the course.

Achieve new heights with ECCO men’s golf shoes

We closely study the unique requirements of a good pair of golf shoes and how it has to live up to your needs for long-lasting comfort, unrestricted motion, and solid stability at all times. Making golf shoes is an art form. At ECCO, technology is the starting point for all our designs to make shoes that feel good all day long and support natural wear. Our men’s golf shoes are no different, taking advantage of our shoe technologies to reach new levels of comfort, performance, and fit.

Experience unmatched flexibility and cushioning

We have developed our ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Injection Technology to give you a truly flexible fit, which adapts to every rotation in your body when you take a good swing at the golf ball. Our men’s golf shoes with integrated FLUIDFORM™ technology help give you control and comfort keeping you at the top of your game throughout the golf course.

Maintain close contact with the ground

Our BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology delivers an anatomical fit, which makes you feel at one with the golf course and makes every motion feel as natural as possible. We have developed the E-DTS® traction system for you to gain great stability via the 100 TPU traction bars, which have a total of 800 traction angles giving you a solid foundation to help perfecting your every swing and put.

Get your golf shoes for men online

At ECCO, we help professional golfers get the most out of their game with the right pair of golf shoes to match their playing style. We take great pride in providing high comfort and performance for our professional golf ambassadors from around the world. You can meet our golf family here and learn more about their favorite ECCO golf shoes. 

Maybe you will join the team one day? Regardless of your goals on the golf course, don’t wait on the benefits from comfort and performance. Get your pair of golf shoes for men at ECCO today.

Check our size guide for the right fit

Are you unsure about your shoe size? Our size guide for men provides you with an overview of our shoe sizes compared to foot sizes in inches, so you can find the right pair of men’s golf shoes for you. Not sure about the size of your feet? In our guide, you can learn how to measure your foot size at home.

If you wish to make the most out of your golf swings and stay comfortable for the entire round, a pair of golf shoes is your best bet. Our golf shoes provide natural support and flexibility to fit the twisting motions of your feet while keeping you stable on the grass. In wet conditions, you can especially benefit from cleated golf shoes to maintain stability during your swing.

You should ask yourself a few important questions: 1) Do you want to wear golf shoes on and off the course? Our hybrid golf shoes from the S-Three and BIOM H4 collections deliver a street-ready design that you can easily wear in the car or after the game, also at the clubhouse. 2) What are the weather conditions? On wet grass, you should focus on the grip to maintain stability. In this case, a pair of cleated golf shoes from our BIOM G3 collection is ideal for optimal balance and waterproof protection. In drier and warmer weather, you may stick to a pair of lightweight hybrid golf shoes.

Our hybrid golf shoes are ideal if you play in dry and hot conditions or don’t wish to change shoes on your way to and from the course. The main benefits include increased versatility, convenience, and a street-ready style without minimizing performance. Hybrid golf shoes typically offer a particular light-wearing experience. You can easily wear your hybrid golf shoes in the car, the streets, and even the clubhouse, which normally is not allowed for cleated golf shoes.