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Trail and hiking shoes for men

Out in the wild, you cannot rely on firm and even surfaces. To keep your feet comfortable and achieve better traction out on the road, our range of trail shoes and hiking boots for men offers comfortable footwear with arch support, shock absorption, flexibility, and much more. Choose between multiple styles and colors consisting of premium quality materials and groundbreaking innovations for enhanced performance and wear. Discover our collection of men’s hiking boots made for explorers.

Hiking shoes for any type of hiker

We have designed hiking shoes for men to suit their preferred hiking style. Our selection of men’s hiking boots and shoes includes options suitable for multiple outdoor purposes such as: casual strolls, single-day hikes, lighter backpacking trips, long outdoor adventures and trail-running.

There are many wonderful reasons for exploring the great outdoors. Whether you like taking it slowly or keeping a steady pace as a trail runner, you can find exactly the type of trail shoes and hiking boots for men that you are looking for to make the most out of your adventure.

How to find your ideal pair of men's hiking shoes

When out on long walks, either light backpacking trips for just a day, a long weekend, or perhaps even an extensive hiking holiday, you will need the right kind of hiking footwear that matches the unique shape of your feet. We quickly walk you through key considerations you need to account for when you are choosing between different trail shoes and hiking boots for men:

For casual trail or hiking in the rough trail? - Types of hiking footwear include hiking shoes, hiking boots, and backpacking boots. Each choice comes with its own benefits. Hiking shoes deliver a light and low-cut shoe, which is ideal for a normal day hike. Hiking boots offer a great alternative for day hiking and shorter hiking trips. Backpacking boots are defined by their robust high-cut look, which offers optimal ankle support ideal for hiking with heavy loads.

What climate? - When choosing between hiking boots and shoes, you will also need to account for the climate and temperature of the area, in which you wish to embark on an outdoor adventure. Perhaps you need a particular light and breathable pair of men’s trail and hiking shoes that are suitable for hot and dry conditions? Maybe a warmer and more robust pair of hiking boots is the better option? Be sure to consider your need for weather protection when making your choice.

For multipurpose use? - It might be worth considering if you need a pair of men’s hiking boots and shoes that can be worn on other occasions or if you simply want a pair with leading performance and durability. Perhaps you are looking for street-ready designs or styles that are suited for trail running? No matter what you are looking for, we provide you with the best hiking footwear to fit any purpose.

What is the shape of your feet? - Every individual is different. Some people’s feet tend to bend outward, while others bend more inward. Some may just have a natural foot position. If you find yourself having a particularly high or low arch, you might have to account for either overpronation or supination. To reduce the risk of injuries, you may want to look for shoes with motion control, if your feet overpronate, and extra cushioning and flexibility, if your feet supinate.

These are some of the key considerations you need to know about when choosing the right pair of men’s hiking boots for your needs. It is also important to find an ideal fit to keep your feet secure and comfortable inside the boots. Whether you wish to go for lighter boots or thicker boots for long distances, it is also worth noting that a lighter pair may more easily get wet inside versus higher-cut and thicker boots; on the other hand, they are also much quicker to dry as opposed to your hiking boots if water enters.

Durable and reliable hiking boots

When out on the natural paths and a long way from home, you will need to be able to rely on your shoes. At ECCO, we always strive to enhance performance and the overall wearing experience when you put on a pair of our shoes. We are not satisfied with delivering good hiking boots; we want to create the very best hiking experience. We deliver state-of-the-art design to make exploring a breeze.

We have developed our very own ECCO HYDROMAX® technology to deliver comfortable and waterproof boots. We also have a great selection of men’s hiking shoes and boots with integrated waterproof GORE-TEX®, which keeps your feet safe and dry while allowing an inflow of air to give you a comfortable climate inside the shoes.

Our innovative ECCO BIOM technology has been designed to give you optimal stability at all times. The specially designed anatomical fit delivers a lower profile to keep you closely connected to the ground. This way you can more easily place your feet at every step.

Our PROSOMA heel cup is an external heel support that adds additional protective support, greater fit, and superior stability. Not only does the PROSOMA innovation enhance the hiking boot in terms of performance, but it also delivers a defining visual addition to the look. 

We know that keeping your feet solidly placed on the ground is important when crossing the landscapes. Whether you come across rough terrains such as mud, wet grass, or rocky terrain, keeping your feet solidly and safely planted on the ground is key to comfortably overcoming the challenges of nature on and off the trail. That is why you can discover a great selection of hiking boots for men with highly reliable outsoles made from Michelin rubber. These special rubber soles give your tremendous traction and stability on various terrains. The unique patterns on the outsoles help for optimal grip at every step.

Are you the type of explorer to embark on hiking trips in colder climates? Then you should consider a pair of hiking boots for men made with Primaloft. The unique material is a 100% recycled alternative to synthetic materials, which offers insulation like no other material out there. Primaloft has also been used in the military to keep the feet warm and comfortable during winter. Being lightweight, warm, waterproof, and breathable, you are sure to find a highly reliable pair of boots. Learn more about ECCO's shoe materials here

Get ready for outdoor adventures with men’s hiking shoes

No matter your hiking style, you can find the best hiking boots for men online at our official online ECCO store. If hiking boots are not entirely your thing, you are also welcome to take a look at our selection of men's multisport shoes, which also deliver high comfort and flexibility suitable for a scenic single-day hiking trip. You can make your search a little easier for yourself by applying our filter and sort by price, size, and preferred color to match your outdoor outfit.

We also offer other great outdoor alternatives for you. If you are planning for a hot summer hike, perhaps you will need as much air as possible for your feet while keeping them secure and comfortable? Our range of men’s hiking sandals delivers a solid option for the summer months spent outside in nature. Shop your trail shoes and hiking boots for men at ECCO today.