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Welcome to our online universe of shoes, bags, accessories, and more for men. Our ECCO men’s shoes are made to support all-day comfort and deliver clean, minimalist lines to suit every man. Complete your outfit with matching or complementary bags and accessories. Discover all for men right here.

A good pair of shoes is essential with our large and versatile selection of men’s shoes, you have the opportunity to find a pair for every occasion and preference. Whether you look for street-ready fashion shoes, formal shoes, or durable hiking shoes, we offer many different styles and features to keep your feet both stylish and comfortable wherever you go. Our collection of shoes for men includes: boots, casual shoes, dress shoes, golf shoes, hiking and trail shoes, moccasins, sandals and sneakers.

With a new pair of ECCO men’s shoes, you can become ready for every occasion in life that requires the right footwear: from special occasions and office wear to free time adventures and hiking. Our men’s shoes offer versatile style options with our Scandinavian design DNA, attention to detail, and a passion for crafting comfortable footwear.

Select a pair of shoes for any adventure

How does your day look? You can embark on great outdoor adventures with a reliable pair of men’s hiking and trail shoes. Try aiming for the prestigious hole-in-one on your local golf course with a stylish pair of men’s golf shoes designed to support performance, enhance your connection with the ground and deliver high comfort for the entire round.

You can also dress up for special events or work with our elegant dress shoes, which provide slick and detailed styles, including both timeless classics and designs with a special contemporary twist. For free time comfort and style, a pair of our sneakers is an ideal addition to your outfit. Add lively colors to your look or stick to the clean and minimalist styles. The choice is all yours.

Need a hand with picking out the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit? Our guide universe offers various styling tips for you to get inspired, including how to match shoes with your suit.

We continuously dedicate ourselves to redefining the feeling of wearing a pair of shoes. This has been the overarching goal ever since our very beginning as shoemakers. Crafted from premium materials and created with innovative comfort technologies, you can experience a pair of men’s shoes that is made to last and be worn comfortably.

Our ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology is one of our key innovations included in many of our men’s shoes. FLUIDFORM™ uses directed injected liquid materials in the soles to provide you with a special lightweight sole that supports cushioning and flexibility for your feet.

You can also experience our soft ECCO PHORENE™ midsole in select styles, which offers a noticeable energy return at each step. When you step into a pair of ECCO men’s shoes, we want to deliver a secure and natural fit for your feet, providing you with all-day comfort and freedom of movement. Learn more about how our passion for natural movement and innovative comfort technologies impact our men’s shoe designs by discovering our innovative technologies.

Explore our collections of men’s shoes

At ECCO we continuously expand our family of shoe styles by introducing new collections that implement the latest creative ideas and comfort features. Suited for different moments of life, we craft minimalistic designs with a unique edge inspired by true Scandinavian style.

Our family of footwear includes a great handful of collections. Our ST. 1 collection delivers many hybrid and sporty styles inspired by both formal and casual wear. From light athletic shoes to dress shoes with unique modern twists, ST. 1 offers standout designs with hip, contrasting nuances and innovative comfort technology. 

Our 2ND COZMO collection offers light and easy-wearing slip-on sandals to keep your feet fresh and stylish in the warm summer weather - perfect for a day at the beach, relaxing out back in your yard, or a quick trip to the store. 

There is plenty for you to discover. Keep an eye out for our latest collections of ECCO men’s shoes right here: men's new arrivals.

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No matter what you are looking for to complete your look - whether it is sneakers, dress shoes, boots, bags, or simply a nice belt - we have a large selection of men’s footwear and accessories to fit most men. Make room for a new stable in your wardrobe to provide style, comfort, and durability that lasts for many seasons to come. Enjoy your online shopping experience here at ECCO.