Men Casual Shoes

Men’s casual shoes

Sometimes you just want to take a more laid-back approach to your style with casual wear. A pair of casual classics for men is well-suited for most occasions in your daily life. From working hours to free time fun, a pair of men’s casual shoes by ECCO offers versatile wear and all-day comfort. Discover casual shoes in various colors made by rich full-grain leather, suede, and more to enjoy both style and performance.

Men’s casual shoes suited for any purpose

For many men, a pair of casual shoes is a reliable and versatile piece of footwear that is the go-to choice for most everyday activities. Whether you are on or off duty, a pair of stylish and casual shoes for men provides an excellent addition to your look. Our selection of men’s casual shoes can accompany your feet no matter what the moment calls for. Wear them how you like for any occasion and use them to achieve your preferred style, such as fashionable free time wear, stylish streetwear, perfect partywear, or modern workwear.

Timeless yet filled with modern touches, we want to deliver our defining take on the common casual style, which is a popular choice for many men. Explore multiple casual designs and many different colors to make your preferred color combinations for your outfit. Whether you are at work, going to a party or other social gatherings, or you are running errands, a pair of casual shoes will get the job done in style.

Refined casual designs

At ECCO, our love for classic designs and comfort and performance innovations shows in our casual styles for men. Mixing elements from various types of footwear to create a true hybrid shoe is defining multiple of our casual shoe designs.

Try our ST.1 Hybrids for a combination of the elegance of formal footwear and the support and flexibility of trendy men's sneakers for all-day comfort. We mix the classic and the modern to give you a relaxed yet sophisticated look for your men’s casual shoes. Inspired by our minimalistic Scandinavian design DNA and a dedication to high-quality shoemaking and high functionality, you can expect casual shoes that are meant to last and for you to use.

A shoe is meant to feel like a natural extension of your feet and provide you with the same flexibility and freedom of movement. Our designs are created to follow the anatomical shape of your feet to enhance the general wearing experience. We want to make a shoe that gives you an optimal fit, from the back of the heel to the tip of your toes.

Casual shoes for men - for work and free time

Our men’s casual shoes sport multiple unique looks that are ideal for various occasions. If you are looking for a more modern take on classic men’s shoes such as the popular Derby or Oxford dress shoes, you can find it here. Our hybrid designs inspired by regular dress shoes combine the rich detail and elegance of classic leather and detailed stitching while offering the amazing comfort of sneakers. The final result adds a fresh style to your office look.

If you are feeling more laid-back and don’t want a lace-up style, you can go for our men's casual slip-on shoes. The lace-free casual shoes inspired by moccasins deliver a light and summerly slip-on shoe, which combines a relaxed and sophisticated look that matches anything from jeans and t-shirts to blazers and shirts. Our men's casual slip-on shoes are well suited for both social gatherings, casual Fridays at work, and stylish streetwear. 

Our range of casual shoes for men offers many stylish options that are sure to become a long-lasting favorite in your closet at home. Discover versatile color options to pair with most outfit choices. Match a pair of men’s casual brown shoes with colors such as blue, navy, or gray. You can also stick to the ever-classic black to pair with practically any color. A pair of men’s white casual shoes also add a modern and minimalist tennis shoe-inspired look to your outfit. 

Casual look, supreme comfort

A casual shoe tends to look rather minimalistic and clean in its look. That does not mean that any parts have been spared. At ECCO, every shoe we make is based on delivering great comfort and quality, no matter the style and the purpose of wearing our footwear. We make a great effort in developing new and innovative technologies in our shoes, which enhance the wearing experience for truly comfortable all-day wear and premium quality materials. Here are a couple of our comfort technologies that you can experience: 

ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology is our innovative solution for crafting stand-out lightweight soles that provides a unique form of flexibility and cushioning. With the implementation of FLUIDFORM™ in many of our casual shoes for men, our goal is to give you nothing less than unmatched comfort throughout your entire day.

ECCO PHORENE™ is our specially created soft midsoles in selected shoes, which have been engineered to deliver a remarkable energy return at each step you take. Alongside our PHORENE™ technology, you can also discover casual styles for men, which deliver significant shock absorption with our innovative SHOCK THRU point.

No matter what pair of casual men’s shoes you choose, expect a pair that incorporates refined minimalistic designs with subtle details and innovations to inspire unrestricted movement and style. With careful attention and dedication, we want to bring you unparalleled aesthetics and comfort even for the most laid-back days.

High-quality casual shoes for men made with premium materials

An important part of what defines an ECCO shoe is our choice of materials. From casual textiles to various leathers, we use a combination of high-quality materials to craft the perfect shoe with understated details, peak performance, and defining durability for you and your feet. Our leather products start at the hands of a leather craftsman to ensure a highly detailed visual design.

Experience the rich softness and breathability of our casual leather shoes for men in stylish colors such as classic black, brown, and dark blue, or try the cool and always-in-fashion style of minimalistic white. Our range of men’s casual shoes offers many modern styles with wonderful and hip color contrasts from the trendy soles and the detailed linings.

Find your new favorite pair of men’s casual shoes online

Do you have a particular look, color, or size in mind? Apply our filters to only show casual shoes based on what you want. If you are uncertain about what ECCO size is the right one for your feet, you can see our men’s shoe size guide to determine your ideal fit. 

Dress the way you want with casual footwear for men. Pick your favorite color and find the preferred design inspired by sneakers, dress shoes, or easy-to-wear slip-ons. Get ready for a laid-back and comfortable day with a pair of men’s casual shoes by ECCO.