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Men’s Dress Shoe Clearance and Sale

Discover a wide collection of various dress shoe styles for men, ranging from classically tailored fits to contemporary-style shoes that offer a unique hybrid mix of sophisticated appeal and sneaker-like feel.

Discover popular men’s dress shoes among our clearance and sale

Not all dress shoes look the same. Far from it, in fact. Our men’s dress shoe clearance and sale also clearly show that. You have the chance to find yourself a pair of dress shoes that work with a wide range of your favorite looks and make a great sidekick for any kind of moment. We offer several different dress shoe collections for men, which you can get lucky and find a solid deal on, including:

  • HELSINKI - Is a traditional-style pair of dress shoes on sale what you’re looking for? Then our HELSINKI collection has several great options, offering a slick, elegant silhouette made from high-quality leather and enriched by the signature ECCO comfort technologies to support all-day wearability. A perfect choice for both formal occasions and to dress up your everyday style.

  • CITYTRAY - Enjoy a special mix of casual and dressy styles with our CITYTRAY dress shoes for men, ranging from classic Derby shoes to formal penny loafers and laid-back slip-ons. And our signature comfort is, of course, included as always. With a pair of one of these dress shoes, you’re completely covered for any moment, whether you’re planning to dress up, go to work, meet up with friends, or tread the city streets.

  • HYBRIDS - You might also want to keep an eye out for a pair of our ST. 1 hybrid dress shoes on sale. The timeless appeal of Derby or Oxford dress shoes meets with tech-infused soles to give the shoes a formal appearance and a feeling that resembles your favorite pair of sneakers. With ST.1 men’s dress shoes on sale, you can enjoy a truly distinctive style and wear suited for all your work-to-weekend plans. 

You can discover many more styles from our various dress shoe collections among our men’s dress shoe clearance and sale. Just remember to stay up to date with the latest deals and markdowns to arrive on our official online store for more chances to get your hands on an attractive bargain. 

Pick up men’s dress shoes on sale designed for lasting comfort and wear

Dress shoes should provide much more than simply a sophisticated appearance. Looking good is only possible when you’re also feeling good. That’s why we’re dedicated to making high-quality dress shoes for men that feel remarkable to wear, even throughout an entire day.

We make dress shoes of high quality and high comfort that deliver a unique blend of cutting-edge technologies and refined Scandinavian design while still being deeply rooted in our strong heritage of shoemaking, spanning many decades. As such, each ECCO leather dress shoe starts in the hands of a leather craftsman and has been infused with various innovations to create a highly detailed visual design from every angle and unparalleled wear. 

Experience all our signature comfort for yourself without the regular price tag by getting your hands on one of our men’s dress shoes on sale.

Take good care of your new dress shoes

Just because they’re on sale doesn’t mean you should neglect taking good care of your new ECCO dress shoes for men. While we make high-quality shoes that are made to last, you can still do yourself a great favor by cleaning and caring for them. Plus, no shoes are completely safe from getting dirty, and when it comes to your dress shoes, especially, they will anything but benefit from showing noticeable signs of wear. 

But fear not - simply check with our shoe cleaning and care guide for easy-to-follow tips on how to clean and treat your men’s dress shoes for a spotless result. And by doing so, you will also help to further boost the shoes’ longevity. With the right tips and shoe cleaning, and care tools, you and your dress shoes are always ready for any moment.

Find the best discounts on ECCO men’s dress shoes online

Who doesn’t love a good deal on men’s formal dress shoes? That’s why you shouldn’t wait too long to pick up your favorite pair of ECCO men’s dress shoes on sale, as you might miss out on the best discounts and most popular bargains. Find the perfect dress shoe style for you, and check with our men’s shoe size guide if you need help selecting your ideal. Shop online today on our official online store and enjoy free shipping and returns for all members.