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Bags, handbags, and totes

Bags serve multiple purposes in your day-to-day life, helping you carry all your everyday essentials in an effortless fashion. No need to stuff all your pockets or have your hands full to bring what you need with you, regardless of what the moment or your mood calls for. With ECCO leather handbags, totes, and bags, you can get around in style while keeping your prized essentials well-organized and well-protected.

Handbags and tote designs in modern, minimalist design

Modern, minimalist design with a unique Scandinavian twist. That’s how we can express our design approach to our bags the best - as well as any other ECCO product, for that matter. To us, white spaces aren’t just empty spaces. The same goes for our bags, offering a sleek appeal that has been elevated by subtle details and an undeniable exclusive feel to set both their and your look apart.

Naturally, the bags also need to serve a practical purpose, and our totes and handbags likely have more than enough space for all-carry purposes. So feel free to bring your various everyday essentials with you, whether you need a place to store your phone, wallet, keys, laptop, or perhaps a small umbrella if needed. 

Discover a collection of timeless yet trendy bags, handbags, and totes with a cool unisex appeal and plenty of practical room to make a solid sidekick for any possible outfit combination and your on-the-go lifestyle.

Is a sail bag, tech bag, or tote your thing?

At ECCO, we create designs suited for every aspect of life for all kinds of people. Our selection of bags resembles that to full effect. You can choose between various unique styles of bags, each adding its own unique flavor of fashion and function:

  • Sail bags -Our leather sail bags provide a great all-purpose companion suited for almost any occasion. Defined by their webbing drawstring closure on top and including comfortable webbing straps and exclusive-feeling hardware, you can easily take your leather sail bag along with you throughout the entire day as well as at night. At ECCO, you can choose between both compact and full-size editions of the popular sail bags.
  • Tech bags - Need a stylish bag that is great for both work and your off-day adventures? Then our tech bags may just be your thing. ECCO tech bags feature plenty of practical pocket and compartment space to fit both your laptop and many other of your key items you need to carry along with you on busy days. 

Carry the bag in your hands with the handy handles or across your shoulders with the comfortable shoulder strap that you can easily attach and remove as you wish. And the contemporary-style leather exterior adds a great finish to the look. 

  • Totes/shopper bags - The tote bag is all about roomy space and keeping it as uncomplicated as possible with a single large compartment and handy straps for an effortless shoulder carry. An exclusive take on the classic shopper bag, our leather totes offer a trendy addition to your signature look. They are anything but uncommon in the street picture today and have become an on-trend favorite for many needing a bag for carry-all purposes.

As you see, we offer various leather totes and handbags suited for different needs and preferences. No matter which type is your go-to, you can be sure to get your hands on a great bag that is as dependable and practical as it is fashionable.

Bags for any occasion

There’s almost always an occasion where a bag will come in handy, but your practical needs may likely vary. Some days, a small, compact bag will easily suit the purpose, while at other times, it might seem like you can get enough compartment space. The ideal bag for the moment may also depend on whether you’re heading to work, heading out for the evening with your friends, or heading to new places in your free time.

ECCO bags offer a stylish and functional carry-along for your work-to-weekend needs. Get some shopping done, or grab your beach essentials and head out to relax with our trendy shopper bags. Take your trusty sail bag with you when you need to run errands or move about in the city. Or why not take it with you during your social evening meetups? The tech bag makes a perfect choice when you need to get across town, commute, or find a good place to study or work. Regardless of the moment and your day-to-day lifestyle, our bags are right there with you. 

Taking leather handbags into a new age

Working with leather is a key part of the ECCO design DNA. Full of both practical and aesthetic benefits, leather usually makes for some of the best quality products you can think of. Our leather designs build on decades of refinements, innovations, and great continuous care to give you a leather bag that is just as reliable as it is stylish. Each ECCO leather product also starts in the hands of a leather craftsman to ensure a rich visual design from every angle.

The trademark leather materials you might be familiar with in ECCO shoes have been carried across to our bags as well. The various leather handbags and totes add a subtle dash of timeless elegance blended with a cool contemporary edge to make for a highly versatile accessory that can match a full rotation of unique outfits. No matter if you’re on your way to work, running errands, or meeting up with your friends, ECCO leather bags provide a reliable companion in every situation. 

Each ECCO leather product originates from our own award-winning tanneries. We’re continuously driven to create state-of-the-art leather materials that are timeless with a modern sensibility while doing our best to take good care of the world around us, both locally and on a larger scale. And our ambitions are bold. 

Shop selected bags from the ECCO Upcycled series

Selected leather bags are a part of the ECCO Upcycled series, which brings a new and even more sustainable spin on premium leather products. Each included bag is made of various leftover leather materials from our tanneries. That also means that every single product is unique in every sense of the word, both regarding materials, treatments, and colors. If that isn’t one-of-a-kind, then we don't know what is.

Show off your colors, or keep it classy with your bag 

How do you prefer to express yourself through your outfit? Whether you like to go big on colors, stick with the all-time favorite black, or are in the mood for something different each day, you’ll likely find a bag that fully speaks to you. 

We offer a wide range of bags, handbags, and totes in plenty of elegant and vibrant colors to fit seamlessly into almost any kind of wardrobe. A sleek, black bag will make an effortless addition that will compliment your entire wardrobe and show off a timeless and exclusive appeal. You can also go big and bright on colors and make your bag a true statement-making piece. 

Your bag presents a great opportunity to mix and match it with the rest of your look, whether you’re into integrating timeless or seasonal nuances. A pair of matching leather shoes always work and add a nice elegant edge to your outfit. It’s a look that never goes out of style yet is entirely on par with the latest trends. During the colder seasons of the year, a simple way to subtly elevate your outfit is by matching your leather bag with a pair of leather gloves. It will definitely make for a completely coherent and well-thought-out appeal with minimum effort required. 

You can also go in a rather different direction. Perhaps a cool and colorful bag is all your need to spice up your everyday outfit? But if you simply can’t get enough vibrant nuances and want to bring as much color as possible to brighten up even the most gray of days, then simply go for it. With our range of contemporary bags, your options are limitless.

Shop your new leather handbags and totes online today

Got your eye on a particular bag from our selection of various leather goods? Then hop right on over to the checkout to get your hands on your new everyday companion as soon as possible. We offer free shipping and returns for all registered members, so if you haven’t created your account yet, you’re missing out - and, of course, it’s entirely free. 

Also, don’t forget to pick up some ECCO leather care to help your leather handbag or tote maintain a fresh and well-nourished look while keeping the material well-protected from whatever life throws at you. That way, you can maximize your enjoyment from the bags for the years to come.    

Uncover your new favorite essential bags right away, and shop online today on the official ECCO online store.