A brave new world. Optimistic, gender-free, designed for New Utopians

We are leather innovators

Most accessory brands buy their leather. We craft and create our own for the needs of each unique bag. We push the boundaries of leather, with avante-garde colors and ultra-soft techniques to water-repellent leathers. Our innovation team works alongside our Atelier designers, creating on-site in our Gold-Star rated tannery in Dongen, The Netherlands.

Obsessed with design and craft

Our Atelier, on-site in Dongen, lets our creative team explore possibilities for never-seen-before details and designs. It's the place where we invent hype-worthy small runs, limited editions and collaborations.

Living our heritage

Our Scandinavian design ethos reflects simple, beautiful, and quality goods made to last rather than be replaced. For the good of people and the planet, we consistently push the aesthetic, technological, and functional properties of our materials - especially in leather innovation. Energized by the '60s style of our brand's origin, ECCO Leather Goods incorporated archival visual elements into our new collection.

We created an energizing hue especially for our debut collection. ECCO Electric Blue pairs harmoniously with a playful combination of textured leathers.