HM100K - Waterproof Technology

With the HM100K leather, our in-house performance lab has reached a groundbreaking point of no return that forever alters the conventional notion of what a waterproof shoe can be. In fact, the HM100K leather epitomises the exact kind of innovation ECCO strives for within all facets of our craftsmanship, which is why it will remain a guiding principle from this point on.

Our pioneering re-tanning process shows the extent to which having our own tanneries allows ECCO to raise the bar. The HM100K leather is a manifestation of this luxury. No longer does rainy weather need to be a hassle that either forces you to stay indoors or put on a pair of clumsy gumboots. Following in the proverbial footsteps of the water-repellent HYDROMAX® technology, the specialised agents and techniques used for the HM100K make any shoe made from this leather the obvious choice whether it's pouring down or you're exploring the wilderness on a damp, sodden day. The HM100K leather is a new ECCO hallmark that will keep feet of all sizes comfortable and dry for years to come.



By virtue of a culture of experimentation and excellence, ECCO Leather, which is based in Dongen in the Netherlands, is widely regarded as one of the world's most advanced research facilities within its field. As the driving force behind the development of the HM100K re-tanning process, this culture has rendered dryness and comfort features that no longer need to be considered mutually exclusive on wet days. Testing in ECCO's laboratories demonstrated the waterproofing qualities. So much so that the agents deep within the material didn't falter in the least when a shoe made from HM100K leather was subjected to 100,000 flexes, simulating the movement of the foot, without showing any reduction in water protection whatsoever. The HM100K leather will be showcased in the new ECCO TREDTRAY series, ECCO's innovative and premium twist on the global trend for utilitarian, highly functional footwear with genuine roots in workwear heritage.