You've been hacked

How limited-edition Tannery Hacks, with new combinations of our premium leathers and innovative platforms, are changing how consumers see ECCO.

Playful, progressive, radical, often 'outspoken', and sometimes even a little subversive, a Tannery Hack has the power to change consumers' perceptions of ECCO. To provoke them into thinking again about our approach to shoemaking.

Each of these strictly limited-edition shoes — which are offered at ECCO's experimental W-21 store in Amsterdam and our K-9 store in Copenhagen — is created through fresh combinations of premium ECCO leathers and our new and archived platforms. While ECCO is renowned in the industry for its innovative culture, Tannery Hacks are right at the forefront of shoemaking, often created using state-of-the-art ECCO leathers that have only just been developed in our tanneries. Consumers walking into these stores for the first time are often heard saying after picking up a Tannery Hack: 'Wow, is this ECCO?'

"Many people still see ECCO as only a comfort brand. Of course, this is what we are, this is our DNA, and we are proud to make comfortable shoes, and that's why in all Tannery Hacks we have printed the words 'Shameless Comfort' on the inlay soles," says Judith Sanders, the Product Manager for Tannery Hacks. "But we also want to prove that comfortable shoes can be cool at the same time and are suitable for everyone."


"Whenever we develop a new leather, it inspires us to create something out of it."

Judith Sanders - ECCO Product Manager, Tannery Hacks

Shameless Comfort comes with endless possibilities. Making leathers in our own tanneries, and having our own experimental stores, gives ECCO Leather's designers the freedom to push the limits and to obtain customers' feedback on those new materials, including colours and finishes.

"Our biggest inspiration is the material. Whenever we develop a new leather, it inspires us to create something out of it," says Sanders. "The luxury we have with Tannery Hacks is that we can make our own materials quickly and have a lot of room to experiment. For example, we could develop a super cool and innovative leather, which is maybe a little too outspoken for the regular ECCO collection. Tannery Hacks provide the platform for ECCO Leather's next level innovative identity, producing shoes on a smaller scale for our stores in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. That's why you will see some more outspoken shoes in W-21 and K-9."

Each 'hacked' style in the W-21 and K-9 ranges is built using iconic sole profiles and upper designs rooted in ECCO's global collection, so while these variants can, indeed, only be encountered as part of the W-21 and K-9, their global counterparts can be found in ECCO stores everywhere.