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Are you looking for practical boots but prefer the look of sneakers? With ECCO sneaker boots, you can combine the best of both worlds and enjoy cozy comfort while showcasing a stand-out street appeal in true Scandinavian fashion. Meet your new favorite pair of sneaker boots right here.

Explore ECCO sneaker boots for a fashionable fall style

When the leaves begin to change color and drop down, or perhaps when the first signs of winter show, it is likely time to give your normally used sneakers a break and bring your boots into action. It may be hard to completely let go of the all-purpose street style they offer, though.

Sneaker boots make for the perfect bridge between seasons as well as practicality and fashion. Our sneaker boots offer a casual, on-trend appeal and down-to-earth feel for days spent in the city, going out with friends, or doing light exploring in the great outdoors. Whether you are looking for sneaker boots with a stylish, contemporary twist, an everyday approach to classic leather style, or plenty of cozy warmth, you can find the pair that suits when, where, and how you prefer to move.

Enjoy straightforward Scandinavian design with SOFT 7 sneaker boots

Our best-selling SOFT 7 collection is a favorite for countless casual shoe lovers due to its perfect mix of style and comfort. The SOFT 7 sneaker boots are a true celebration of our Scandinavian design tradition, delivering a sleek minimalist style and unbeatable wear built upon decades of refinements to our craftsman and our dedication to pushing the boundaries of comfort. 

Each ECCO leather product starts in the hands of a leather craftsman to ensure a detail-oriented visual design from every angle possible. This also translates to sneaker boots that look slick without ever being boring, creating a timeless and stunning look. Furthermore, our various state-of-the-art leather materials ensure a soft, flexible, and breathable feeling that lets you move freely and comfortably. With the SOFT 7 sneaker boots, you will definitely look and feel fresh for any moment - throughout any season.

STREET TRAY sneaker boots offer uncomplicated style and comfort

ECCO STREET TRAY sneaker boots make a great sidekick for your favorite casual outfits. The clean and on-trend minimalist look is enriched with subtle visual details and supported by various of our comfort innovations, making them a solid choice for walking the city streets thin or meeting up with friends in effortless everyday fashion.

Find your new favorite ECCO sneaker boots online

Get ready for the changing weather in style, and add a new favorite staple to your everyday wardrobe with ECCO sneaker boots. Discover the various collections, designs, and colors, and find the ideal pair that suits the way you move and the way you dress.

Don’t forget to check out our size guide for men and women to find your personal ECCO fit. Also, remember to treat your ECCO sneaker boots with leather and shoe care for an always well-nourished and spotless look.